’s weekly recommendations: 23–29 April

This week offers lots of exciting cinematic experiences and amusing dance rhythms. But there’s more to discover:... Read more

Katrina Helstein: the story of growing up in tammsaareish peat

On April 10, 2018, the play “Spring Awakening” by scandalous German playwriter Frank Wedekind premiered. The stage design of the piece is tammsaareish: the straw briquettes and peat could be considered to be a field, cultivated with work and love. That does not mean that the fourteen-year-olds and younger ones should rush to see this awakening. The shock may hit also older than fourteen-year-olds who happen to see Belgian director’s Armel Roussel’s intense and scary piece. Why this and why now? And why Vaba Lava?... Read more

Russian scene at Tallinn Music Week: who, what, where, when and why

Tallinn Music Week is an international event; musicians all over the world are coming to the capital of Estonia to take part in the urban culture festival. The Russian guests of the festival will have a chance to see and listen to their fellow countrymen. This year, 25 musicians from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus will present their music at different venues in Tallinn. Some Estonian bands will sing in Russian too.... Read more

Tallinn Music Week: Internet phenomena, karelian folk, orchestra and techno, punk-jazz… and much more

This year the music festival Tallinn Music Week promises to its audience total fusion – impossible mix of different styles. It’s no wonder that The Independent and The Guardian called TMW one of the winter’s best music festivals in Europe. At the beginning in 2009 the festival lasted three days. Since then it has grown: now a week-long festivity covers not only music clubs and concert halls, but also cafés, art galleries, shops, and private homes.... Read more

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