Fabiola García: Etnodisko, the party that celebrated Estonian culture

Every October, the Finno-Ugric days take place in Estonia and other countries with which Estonians share their roots, with the purpose of acquainting people with their origins and traditions, as well as celebrating their culture and identity. Among the several events that took place within the Finno-Ugrian days, the Etnodisko is worth highlighting. It took place on 13 October at the Must Puudel cafe in Tallinn’s Old Town and it gave the participants the opportunity to experience Finno-Ugric folk music, dances, games and even some food.... Read more

Anastasiya Zhenchenko: Codex Naturalis

Already in its third year, the Tallinn Photomonth ’15  began on 17 September this year. The Festival was launched for the first time in 2011 by a group of artists engaged in the field of photography and video, with the aim of making the event a biennial of contemporary art and visual culture. However, it has exceeded the goal which was set and now it portrays the developments in art and society via cameras, screens and images. During this autumn, the Tallinn Photomonth ’15 will include exhibitions opened in several museums, art halls and both public and commercial galleries, which are in addition contextualized with public events and an education programme for schools.... Read more

Raoul Fernandes: Tallinn semifinal of Noortebänd 2015

The Tallinn semifinal of the 15th edition of the Estonian Youth Band Awards, Noortebänd was organized on 26 and 27 September 2015. Noortebänd is an annual event that brings forward the best of Estonia’s youth bands and offers them exposure and a platform to showcase their talents. Being a competition for youth bands, all the performers are not older than 26 and operate in Estonia. Fabulous prizes are offered to finalists and winners, some even get an opportunity to perform at the Tallinn Music Week!... Read more