Tiki Muir: SAGA. Iceland: Art and Narrative

SAGA. Iceland: Art and Narrative is an exhibition of several generations of Icelandic artists, curated by Norbert Weber and Halldór Björn Runólfsson, and currently showing at KUMU art museum, Tallinn. This is largely a show of contemporary art, though there are also references made to the more historic art of the nation, with paintings from as early as the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The title suggests a clear interest in relating the exhibition to Iceland’s famed literary narratives and sense of the dramatic. Having already been exhibited at the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen and at the National Gallery of Iceland, the show will remain in Tallinn until March 20, 2016.... Read more

Raoul Fernandes: photo exhibition “Bloodless Hunt”

Bloodless Hunt, the longest-running photo competition in Estonia, was organized on May 22-25, 2015 at a site located at Simisalu in the Kõrvemaa region of Estonia. Starting from October 19, the beautifully “hunted” animals were put on display in an exhibition featuring the best of the photographs at the State Forest Management Centre in Tallinn, the organization curating the competition. The exhibition runs till December 11 and features beautiful animals from deer to foxes and beautiful little birds.... Read more

Culture.ee recommends: 12 gift markets-Christmas fairs

As it’s the beginning of December and Christmas is coming soon, we have decided to put together information on different Christmas fairs and gift markets taking place in Estonia – so that we can offer an enjoyable alternative to big department stores for gift-hunters. There are many events: some in the beginning of the month, some immediately before the holidays. One can look for the market that takes place the closest or discover a new cool corner of Estonia while looking for gifts. Here are the favourites of culture.ee team!... Read more