weekly recommendations: March 21 – 27

Every week is special somehow. This week we celebrate Easter. recommends to start the week with some French cuisine in good Estonian restaurants, then step into some Tallinn Fashion Week shows and, of course, visit many many concerts with different styles of music. Some of the concerts we recommend, might be sold out quite fast, so get your ticket soon and don´t put all your eggs in one basket!... Read more

Silja Paulus: From Caveman to Nutella or How Henrik Kalmet Tried to Make It to a Festival

If the description of a performance says that it could either be an extraordinary mix-up or an experience or a combination of those, you’re mentally prepared for something strange. My visits to a real festival were at the time I actively participated in the school theatre and that was over ten years ago. As far as I can remember, a festival always consisted of a couple of pieces that forced out laughter (some worked, some slipped on a banana peel and splashed on the asphalt), a couple of more classical stories with a beginning, end, and midpoint, and a few weird compositions, which flirted with video art as well as abstraction. Henrik Kalmet’s solo performance “A Festival Piece or a Desperate Attempt to Get an Invitation to a Festival”, in which he plays with the components of different festival pieces, was something similar. ... Read more