Recommendations on where to go when Museum Night strikes

On Saturday 14th of May yet another Museum Night will take over Estonia. As always, the Night will be long and full of special events and exhibitions. This year the Museum Night will take place under an umbrella theme of Waves in the Night – or, in Estonian, Öös on laineid. 


Estonian Open Air Museum

All the main exhibits are open and in them are folks who appear to be from the olden times. Also, if one wants to experience, what people ate in Estonia in the 1900’s, then one must head to the Kolu Inn.

Creative Hub

The Creative Hub opens its doors to all and people can get into rooms that are usually closed to outside visitors. Tours will be held, music will be heard and  thoughts about Tallinn’s urban planning will be  said out loud.



The guests of Tartmus can participate in informative guided tours of the ongoing exhibitions, to find out about the history of art and  the art of living. The tours are in Estonian, Russian, and English.


Harju County

Arvo Pärt Centre

An opportunity to glimpse into the depths of the growing archive and see the materials that shed light on the development of the much apprechiated Arvo Pärt’s work. Younger visitors can also take part in tours, but can also play outside and imagine themselves as famous composers.

Museum Of Coastal Folk

The guest can choose a role to get acquainted with the exhibition, be it fisherman, vendor or smuggler. According to the role, a travel map is compiled.

Saare County

Kuressaare Castle

Storytelling night, where the  men of the sea speak about what they know best. There is also a possibility to  see documentaries by an maritime historian Bruno Pao.

Põlva County

Seto Farm Museum

Like they say about themselves: „If so many seamen of Seto origin sit down behind one table, the conversation will be long and cheerful stories many.“

Järva County

Bisycle Museum

If one wants to see the products from the era when gramophones and radios were, along the bicycles, one of the most desired objects of the youngsters, then one should definitely visit the Bicycle museum.