Andres Laiapea: An evening at the old theater house

There is a place in Viljandi, the so-called Koidu Seltsimaja (Association House of the Dawn), a building or more precisely a strange complex, built in many stages, rich in history. It is nowadays used by different kinds of artists for their projects. In one wing of the complex there is a sound-art and experimental music venue, from another wing you can find a jazz bar. The whole complex has become one of the epicenters of the burgeoning cultural life in Viljandi, a small town known for its many talents and possibilities.... Read more

Gallery: Beta-promenade of Tallinn is now open

During the Maritime Culture Year of 2016 Linnalabor together with landowners created beta-promenade from Kalasadam to Noblessner quarter. Beta-promenade is a simple footpath along the seaside, created by removing fences, opening up gates and fortifying the shore. The initiative was one of the 20 winning entries to the idea contest of the Maritime Culture Year.... Read more