Mari Emmus: Cosmos – entertaining stories about Estonians and Russians

Some topics are more complicated than others. You know, the ones that are mostly treated in opinion pieces and talking of which most likely raises everyone’s blood pressure – cohabitation law, pay gap, or integration politics. But who can bother to voluntarily deal with those difficult subjects. Especially now in the autumn when the days are getting shorter, heating bills are getting larger, and all the last year’s reflectors have gone missing again. One would want something lighter, easier, and more entertaining. ... Read more

Anneliis Lepp: Apathy and Kabanoss. Moments from Tallinn Comedy Festival

People always like to talk about the weather, whether to make their plans according to it or recall events – especially if the weather happens to be extreme. That is how I am reminded of last week with its piercing wind, which noticeably quickened my usual pace. The good thing was, two events started, the Artishok biennial and Tallinn Comedy Festival, which offered and still offer (as the biennial still lasts) an opportunity to think and laugh at oneself and life in a cosily warm room. What is this dark time for, if not for inner contemplation. will hopefully post something in its blog about the biennial, but in the following paragraphs I will reflect on the impressions by Fopaa that took place at Tallinn Comedy Festival and the stand-up comedy by famous British comedian Steven K. Amos. All the rankings and charts friends beware that I will not rank the comedians, let this habit remain in the past.... Read more

The Unbearable Emptiness of Pretending

Vallo Toomla’s debut feature “Pretenders” tells the story of Anna (Mirtel Pohla) and Juhan (Priit Võigemast), who go to the country house of their rich friends to vacation and mend their relationship. However, the situation is far from an intimate idyll and, as if this was not enough, they offer accommodation to a couple caught up in a storm, who think they are the owners of the house. Anna and Juhan go along with the game, but there is no doubt that settling into the role of the masters of the house is only a drop in the ocean of pretence.... Read more