5 recommendations for the HeadRead literature festival(English speakers edition)

One of our favourite times of the year has almost arrived and we are happy to share some recommendations for that, so you could also have the pleasure of the written word heard out loud. The literature festival “HeadRead” will start tomorrow and here are five hints, where to go and what to do, but there are many more exciting things happening, so keep your eyes open and let the literature feast begin!

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23 events to visit tomorrow, on the Night of Museums

Night of Museums and Toy Museum’s birthday party “Games in the Night and Honey in the Day”
The 23rd birthday of Tartu Toy Museum, “Games in the Night and Honey in the Day”, will be extra sweet and agreeable to the museum bears, as at 11 AM already the Estonian Beekeepers’ Association will be visiting. We will talk about honey, bees, and apiotherapy and a transparent beehive with real bees will be on display. In addition to talking, there will be something sweet to taste.... Read more

Night of Museums 2017 – Games in the Night

On Saturday, 20th of May 2017, Estonian museums will open their doors for visitors for a night full of special events and exhibitions, celebrating the Night of Museums in Estonia for the 9th year running. In 2017, the much-loved Museum Night will take place under an umbrella theme of Games in the Night – or, in Estonian, Öös on mänge. Last year, more than 100.000 people took part of the Night of Museums, to enjoy both free access and the special programmes and excursions offered by museum teams all over Estonia. Around 200 different museums, art galleries, manor houses and other organisations are expected to open their doors for the 5-hour long event.... Read more

Gallery: The Pop-up, that was

The students of the Estonian Art Academy had some Pop-up cafes opened at the Tallinn old town, on the Nunne street and one of them  got shot down a few hours ago, but  here are  some pictures of what was. We are sure this is not the last of the quirky architectonic formations by the young architects at hand, so let’s keep our eyes open.... Read more