Helina Koldek on the delusions of “Mademoiselle X”

Cotard delusion is a mental disorder in which the affected person is convinced that they are dead, that they do not exist or that they have no limbs or internal organs. Simply put, it can be described as a shortage between the parts of the brain that allow us to recognize faces, to distinguish ourselves from the outside world, and to create associations between emotions and familiar faces. So it may happen that while looking at the mirror, the visible face and the Self are not associated, the consciousness exists, but it has nothing to do with the person looking back from the mirror. Such a loss of the sense of Self leads to a paradoxical dangling between being dead and being immortal, mere consciousness without a body.... Read more

Kristel Birgit Potsepp ponders upon the new Estoninan film „The End of the Chain”

„The End of the Chain” is Priit Pääsuke’s film based on Paavo Piik’s 2012 play and for me, it was maybe the most anticipated Estonian film this year. This is a tragicomical and even existential film, which takes place in the fast-food chain called Kett (Chain) and focuses on the colourful life of customers through the eyes of the customer servant. The film is divided into several chapters, sometimes even theatrical sketches, which form a consistent sequence.... Read more

Taavi Hallimäe: What does Pia Fraus dream about?

A dream is a complex and well-oiled machine that contains all possible, generally unconscious experiences, desires, expectations and traumas of the subject. If the latter seem to be quite certain and understandable while still awake, then after falling asleep they will be broken into a vague blur which a dream brings together again, but more compactly than before, differently. Freud would say that the condensation and displacement take place. The first one, condensation, means that the dream always contains much more than we could expect from a retelling of the dream; the second one, displacement, suggests, however, that the dream is only indirectly related to what is seen.... Read more