Tallinn Music Week: Internet phenomena, karelian folk, orchestra and techno, punk-jazz… and much more

This year the music festival Tallinn Music Week promises to its audience total fusion – impossible mix of different styles. It’s no wonder that The Independent and The Guardian called TMW one of the winter’s best music festivals in Europe. At the beginning in 2009 the festival lasted three days. Since then it has grown: now a week-long festivity covers not only music clubs and concert halls, but also cafés, art galleries, shops, and private homes.... Read more

Katarina Helstein: on tribes, Marie Antoniette and rebellion

On March 13 I saw “Rebel Body Orchestra” (performed by Sveta Grigorjeva, Lill Volmer, Billeneeve and Florian Wahl) at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava. Rebellion? Bodies? Orchestra? All together and all apart – fitting for a creation that asks it’s audience to think and come to their own conclusions.... Read more

Saskia Doehler about The Best Estonia

As soon as the orchestra entered the stage and the musicians took their seats, they could see the anxiety in the eyes of the audience in anticipation of the beginning of the concert. The whole choir was dressed in an extremely elegant way; women in long dresses and men suitably dressed in suits. And then, accompanied by the applause, the conductor entered, the whole orchestra rose in respect to him and in response, he greeted the second fiddle, who is the representative of the orchestra. The musicians sit and the whole audience is in total silence, and so we begin to observe the concentration of all the musicians facing the maestro, waiting for that moment when he begins to lead the whole symphony.... Read more