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Lena Kramer “Club Night of Estonian Music Days: An abundant evening”

The Club Night of the Estonian Music Days in Von Krahli Baar consisted of several very different events, giving the visitors the opportunity to discover a lot of new music and understand better how music and composing works: First up, the composing project „Ludus Tonalis“ had a performance, later on, the DJs of Tallinn’s famous Mutant Disco played their dance music downstairs, being accompanied at the DJ-desk by some of the Estonian composers involved in the festival, while upstairs experimental electronic music was presented, partly specially composed for this evening.... Read more

Lena Kramer “Summer Rain: Gregorian chant and modern art music”

The final concert of the Estonian Music Days 2015 was a performance of the internationally acclaimed mixed choir Vox Clamantis (Voice of someone who is screaming), conducted by Jaan-Eik Tulve. It took place in the medieval atmosphere of the Niguliste church. The impressive gothic architecture and the acoustic precondition of the church contributed to the concert’s stunning effect on the audience, while cameras and spotlights added an official tone. The songs performed at this concert were written by Estonian composers in recent years, some especially for Vox Clamantis. They follow traditions of old church singing like Gregorian chant, but are influenced by modern music. The audience, diverse in age, listens intently and in concentration throughout the whole concert. When the choir does not sing, there are no sounds.... Read more


Like most concerts involving flautist Tarmo Johannes, Thursday evening’s Passagio included much more than a performer on a stage. Johannes took full advantage of the layout and acoustic possibilities of the venue, the Salme Cultural Center. The audience not only moved through different levels of the space, but also through Johannes’s various artistic endeavors and ensembles.... Read more


The first concert of the third day of Estonian Music Days comprised all different combinations of two violin soloists and chamber orchestra under the heading Kaks Daami (Two Ladies). The concert producers transformed the venue, the often unadorned Studio 1 of the Estonian Public Broadcasting building, into an inspiring concert setting using different colored and carefully placed lighting. Like most of the EMD programs, Kaks Daami included a majority of Estonian premieres. This particular program comprised six new Estonian works and one new Latvian piece. So many premieres can be a daunting and difficult endeavor, but it didn’t appear to cause any concern to the players. The concert showcased not only the talents of the soloists, but also the commitment of the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, led by Latvian conductor Atvars Lakstīgala, to giving the seven premieres such accomplished and powerful first performances.... Read more