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/TMW/Gallery: A TMW Talk with Simon Reynolds, Kieron Tyler and Kevin Cole on the topic on genres

These days it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. An artist can simultaneously be tagged with “indie, R&B, chamber pop, urban, synthpop”, and even some TMW acts chose about dozen genre tags when submitting their profiles. Are they all a strain of post-genre acts, existing beyond genres that seemed set in concrete as little as 15 years ago? That and many other questions were answerd yesterday, at the TMW Talk.... Read more

Helina Koldek: 3 × DocPoint

A grand total of 45 films were screened at this year’s DocPoint, with “Raving Iran”, “Given”, “The Happy Film”, “Noma: My Perfect Storm”, “Lo and Behold, Reveries of a Connected World”, and “Venus” proving the most popular at the box office. I did not make such popular choices, so I only happened to see one film out of these six – “Venus”. However, here is a review of three films that impressed me the most of the ones that I did see.... Read more

Ave Palm: Review and gallery from the Üle Heli festival

Last weekend, the Üle heli festival took place for the second time. If the last year’s starting point was “creating the worlds”, which enabled the musicians to show how they described the surrounding world through the sound, this year’s programme was based on “level zero”, meaning that the development, progress, or a new direction compared to earlier works of musicians was considered when programming the festival. Therefore, several works were premiered (Mart Avi’s album „Rouge Wave“, Rainer Jancis’s album „Hibernatus“, Edasi’s album „Fake Wheel“), there were works that had been made especially for the festival (Ajukaja’s „Magus müra“, Djerro „Aeg“) and audiovisual performances were created as well (Erik Alalooga’s „Katastroof ja dünaamika“).... Read more

Anneliis Lepp: Apathy and Kabanoss. Moments from Tallinn Comedy Festival

People always like to talk about the weather, whether to make their plans according to it or recall events – especially if the weather happens to be extreme. That is how I am reminded of last week with its piercing wind, which noticeably quickened my usual pace. The good thing was, two events started, the Artishok biennial and Tallinn Comedy Festival, which offered and still offer (as the biennial still lasts) an opportunity to think and laugh at oneself and life in a cosily warm room. What is this dark time for, if not for inner contemplation. will hopefully post something in its blog about the biennial, but in the following paragraphs I will reflect on the impressions by Fopaa that took place at Tallinn Comedy Festival and the stand-up comedy by famous British comedian Steven K. Amos. All the rankings and charts friends beware that I will not rank the comedians, let this habit remain in the past.... Read more