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Mari Emmus: Cosmos – entertaining stories about Estonians and Russians

Some topics are more complicated than others. You know, the ones that are mostly treated in opinion pieces and talking of which most likely raises everyone’s blood pressure – cohabitation law, pay gap, or integration politics. But who can bother to voluntarily deal with those difficult subjects. Especially now in the autumn when the days are getting shorter, heating bills are getting larger, and all the last year’s reflectors have gone missing again. One would want something lighter, easier, and more entertaining. ... Read more recommends: The Night of Ancient Bonfires 2015

On Saturday, 29 August, another Night of Ancient Bonfires is held, when bonfires are lit across Estonia to remember ancient coastal fires. In 2015, the common theme of the Night of Ancient Bonfires is contemplating the future of our state. In the course of the night, many special events are held across Estonia and our editing team has made a little selection. ... Read more