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Helina Koldek: The best of the best of the Black Nights Film Festival 2016

As such a massive and versatile festival is difficult to sum up on just a couple of pages, I will only focus on the films that impressed me the most at this year’s PÖFF. While putting together my programme, I tried to make as versatile choices as possible this time, but by the end of the festival it still appeared that I had remained myself and watched a string of morbid horrors. The day was partly saved by the fact that I had decided to see as many debuts as possible, including some brighter pieces, but my favourites are still on the darker or the more psychedelic-fantastical side of life and humanity. In the following paragraphs, I award a few completely unofficial prizes of PÖFF, which unfortunately do not bring any benefits to the authors or filmmakers.... Read more

Fabiola García: Epitaph in Black Nights Film Festival

The odyssey to climb the volcano Popocatepetl in 1519 by three members of the army that would eventually conquer the Aztec empire is depicted through the vision of the young Mexican filmmakers Ruben Imaz and Yulene Olaizola in Epitaph, another film that was part of the Main Competition Programme in the Black Nights Film Festival that took place in Tallinn from November 13 to 29.... Read more

Karlo Funk recommends: 10 movies to see in BNFF

BNFF is a place where every member of the audience has three options when browsing the programme and looking for films. These are like three shots – one into the leg, the other into the tin can set up as a target, and a third as a warning into the air. You can have certain hits, lucky strikes, and sad fails. It is the same with these ten films. The list focuses on Spanish-speaking world and Asia, but some European films from the competition section have also attracted our interest. ... Read more