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Column of a young culture lover: MIRJAM (11) about the film “My Life as a Zucchini”

I went to see the film “My Life as a Zucchini”. It talked about a boy named Zucchini. Actually, it was his nickname. So, Zucchini was taken to an orphanage as I think he had accidentally killed his mother. I didn’t really understand whether he had killed his mother or not. Anyway, in the orphanage, he made many new friends. One of them was the “boss” or at least that’s what he called himself. In the beginning, he seemed to be a bad character, but it turned out later that he wasn’t. There was also a policeman, who brought Zucchini to the orphanage. The policeman was lonely and came to talk to Zucchini in the orphanage. Then a new girl named Camille came to the orphanage, who became very good friends with Zucchini.... Read more

Helina Koldek: On “Moonligh”

„Moonlight” follows the life of an insecure and vulnerable boy during different periods of his life. The action takes place in the tough, vice- and crime-imbued Miami, but the people who yearn for sentiment, should not be disheartened and discouraged to go to the cinema, as the film focuses more on human relationships and on how to become or remain oneself in this maze of connections.... Read more

Anneliis Lepp: No point in doubting

Not so long ago I ate a fortune cookie a girlfriend gave me, hoping that it will predict something nice. I felt like one would on Midsummer Night, going to sleep with a posy of flowers under the pillow in the hopes of a brighter morning. Anyway, I had to be disappointed again, as the cookie which was supposed to tell me fortune or at least convey a useful aphorism, only said “Doubt everything!” As if I didn’t doubt enough anyway, I thought to myself.... Read more