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Taavi Hallimäe: What does Pia Fraus dream about?

A dream is a complex and well-oiled machine that contains all possible, generally unconscious experiences, desires, expectations and traumas of the subject. If the latter seem to be quite certain and understandable while still awake, then after falling asleep they will be broken into a vague blur which a dream brings together again, but more compactly than before, differently. Freud would say that the condensation and displacement take place. The first one, condensation, means that the dream always contains much more than we could expect from a retelling of the dream; the second one, displacement, suggests, however, that the dream is only indirectly related to what is seen.... Read more

The guidebook to the International Music Day

Thanks to 750 musicians, more than 100 free concerts enrich the programme of the Music Day on October 1! Of course, it’s not possible to experience everything. Here are, however, three options for spending one music-filled day!
Option A – Music Day in Tallinn

Start your Music Day at 11 a.m. at the market of the Baltic Station, where the Ellerhein Girls’ Choir will perform under the conduction of Ingrid Kõrvits.... Read more

Ave Palm on the festival Into the Valley

Last weekend, the long-awaited electronic music festival Into the Valley took place in Rummu quarry. The organizers are from Sweden and are gathered under the name of Music Goes Further. The previous venue for the festival was an Amphitheater in the former limestone quarry in Dalhallas, Sweden. As the initiator of the festival, Mattias Hedlund has said, the goal of the festival is to create a 100% comprehensive experience from the beginning to the end and to maintain an equally high level not only musically but also in everything else. He adds that visitors should experience something new each and every time, as choices of music and experiences are made according to the country and the environment in which the event is organized. Thus, collaboration with local artists was also carried out in Estonia, and local food could be enjoyed at the festival venue.... Read more


This next week is full of festivals and concerts both in the big cities and in the furthest corners of the country.  The choice is yours to enjoy the finest music in the company of the president at a concert hall in the capital, or to get out of the city and lay out a blanket in front of a stage under the stars.  The opportunities to see new places in Estonia and experience new things are many this week, so get out there and enjoy!... Read more