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Ave Palm on the festival Into the Valley

Last weekend, the long-awaited electronic music festival Into the Valley took place in Rummu quarry. The organizers are from Sweden and are gathered under the name of Music Goes Further. The previous venue for the festival was an Amphitheater in the former limestone quarry in Dalhallas, Sweden. As the initiator of the festival, Mattias Hedlund has said, the goal of the festival is to create a 100% comprehensive experience from the beginning to the end and to maintain an equally high level not only musically but also in everything else. He adds that visitors should experience something new each and every time, as choices of music and experiences are made according to the country and the environment in which the event is organized. Thus, collaboration with local artists was also carried out in Estonia, and local food could be enjoyed at the festival venue.... Read more


This next week is full of festivals and concerts both in the big cities and in the furthest corners of the country.  The choice is yours to enjoy the finest music in the company of the president at a concert hall in the capital, or to get out of the city and lay out a blanket in front of a stage under the stars.  The opportunities to see new places in Estonia and experience new things are many this week, so get out there and enjoy!... Read more

Top 10 events for the Night of Museums by culture.ee

The programme of the Night of Museums has become more and more varied with each year and it is difficult to pick out the most exciting and special events. To make your lives easier, we decided to look at the programmes of various participating museums and accordingly, we selected ten notable Night of Museums events across Estonia that we think are worth a visit.... Read more

Heather Stebbins “Maarja Nuut: Beautiful Simplicity”

On Wednesday, 22 April, fiddler, vocalist, and recent winner of the Tallinn Music Week Wire Prize Marja Nuut performed at the Tallinn Art Space. The space is a small yet bright and welcoming venue with vibrant artwork hanging on the walls. Nuut’s violin hung on a stand at the front of the space as concert-goers began to take their seats. Nuut took the stage, equipped with a second instrument, a more folk-style violin. Her opening song began with only her voice singing a simple melody. After a few repetitions, she began to use her looping pedal to layer her voice. The result was a haunting and beautiful polyphony. This quiet and peaceful first song set the tone for the whole evening. It was her way of telling the audience to relax, just breathe, and revel in her music.... Read more

Lena Kramer “Club Night of Estonian Music Days: An abundant evening”

The Club Night of the Estonian Music Days in Von Krahli Baar consisted of several very different events, giving the visitors the opportunity to discover a lot of new music and understand better how music and composing works: First up, the composing project „Ludus Tonalis“ had a performance, later on, the DJs of Tallinn’s famous Mutant Disco played their dance music downstairs, being accompanied at the DJ-desk by some of the Estonian composers involved in the festival, while upstairs experimental electronic music was presented, partly specially composed for this evening.... Read more

Lena Kramer “Summer Rain: Gregorian chant and modern art music”

The final concert of the Estonian Music Days 2015 was a performance of the internationally acclaimed mixed choir Vox Clamantis (Voice of someone who is screaming), conducted by Jaan-Eik Tulve. It took place in the medieval atmosphere of the Niguliste church. The impressive gothic architecture and the acoustic precondition of the church contributed to the concert’s stunning effect on the audience, while cameras and spotlights added an official tone. The songs performed at this concert were written by Estonian composers in recent years, some especially for Vox Clamantis. They follow traditions of old church singing like Gregorian chant, but are influenced by modern music. The audience, diverse in age, listens intently and in concentration throughout the whole concert. When the choir does not sing, there are no sounds.... Read more


Like most concerts involving flautist Tarmo Johannes, Thursday evening’s Passagio included much more than a performer on a stage. Johannes took full advantage of the layout and acoustic possibilities of the venue, the Salme Cultural Center. The audience not only moved through different levels of the space, but also through Johannes’s various artistic endeavors and ensembles.... Read more