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This week
Exhibition "Life Experience" 28.03.2017 Photo Museum

Group exhibition "Life Experience" is open in Photo Museum.

Ilmar Kruusamäe's painting exhibition "Human" 28.03.2017 Vana-Võromaa Culture ...

"Human" ("Inimene"), the painting exhibition of Ilmar Kruusamäe (born 1957), the living classic of hyperrealism, is on display in Vana-Võromaa Culture Chamber.

Concert by Kullaketrajad "Aia äärest laia ilma" 02.04.2017 15:00 Salme Culture Centre

Dance ensemble Kullaketrajad celebrates its 65th anniversary with the concert "Aia äärest laia ilma" ("From the Home Garden to the Wide World").

Exhibition "Conductors of Colour. Music and Modernity in Estonian Art" 28.03.2017 Kumu Art Museum

From the first song festival through the Singing Revolution and beyond, music has played a fundamental role in Estonian history, culture and identity. But if every bird has its own song, as the Estonian saying goes, what of the artist?

Coming soon
15th International Choir Festival "Tallinn 2017"

The choir festival is for amateur choirs in all choral categories and includes the choral contest and concerts in the concert halls of Tallinn.

My Fair Lady

One of the most popular musicals of all times may almost have not been written at all.

ENSO: Music of the Future

Concert series "Music of the Future".

17th Estonian Folk Music Arrangements Festival "Moisekatsi Elohelü"

17th Estonian Folk Music Arrangements Festival "Moisekatsi Elohelü" takes place on April 21-22, 2017, at Mooste Manor in Pôlva County.

Concert by Kärtseptsioon

Concert by Kärt Männa (vocals) and Kärt Anton (electro-acoustic violin).

Culture Dessant 2017

Culture Dessant is the festival organised by the students of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy for the fifth year already.

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