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This week
Anu Raud’s exhibition "Landscapes of My Fatherland" 25.06.2018 Estonian National ...

An overview exhibition "Landscapes of My Fatherland" by Anu Raud, Estonian textile artist and professor emeritus, will be opened at the Estonian National Museum.

Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival 2018 25.06.2018 Haapsalu Cultural ...

The Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival 2018 focuses on the developments of the poster art and the creative signature of designers in their graphic design work.

Exhibition "Sound of Freedom! A Story of Estonian Popular Music" 25.06.2018 Maarjamäe Stables of ...

The exhibition of Estonian Theatre and Music Museum is open at the Maarjamäe Stables of the Estonian History Museum. The exhibition tells about the history of pop music 1901–2001 and is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Concert "The Rhythms of River" 29.06.2018 17:30 Café Sisevete ...

Once upon a time, four years ago in autumn, a group of friends gathered together and soon a nice mixed choir Rõõmusõõm was born.

Coming soon
Viru Folk 2018

The 11th Nordic music festival "Viru Folk" for a whole family is dedicated to Estonia, belonging to Estonia 100 programme. The performers are Estonian this time, with a few exceptions from our neighboring countries.

Big concert night in Ostrova

The village of Ostrova is a small but really nice place in Setomaa.

Sweet Spot festival

This summer’s sweetest weekend will bring together a lot of lovely people, delightful music, tasty bites and exciting pieces of art – all that very close to the heart of Tallinn.

Traditional Dance Festival "Sabatants"

"Sabatants" is a unique festival that aspires to appreciate and preserve traditional dance culture.

My Fair Lady

One of the most popular musicals of all times may almost have not been written at all.

Guided Tour around the Estonian National Opera

Would you like to see more of Tallinn Opera House or learn about life of the Estonian National Opera and Ballet?

Have a peek at