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Big concert night in Ostrova

The village of Ostrova is a small but really nice place in Setomaa.

For seven years, crowded festivals have taken place in there, but this year, there will be a one-day summer event "Big concert night in Ostrova". The stage is conquered by Estonian top musicians but also young people from Setomaa.

Guests have the opportunity to listen to good music, taste local delicacies at small home cafes in a breathtakingly beautiful place, where usually time stops. At the end of the day, everyone can say that it was worth the long journey to Setomaa. There will be also children's activities.


Young musicians of Värska Music School
Young musicians from the folk music workshop of Rikas Ivvan
ensemble Revals,
ensemble Metsatöll
programme by Chalice / Jarek Kasar and Olavi Ruitlane,

There's also a camping site.

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