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Design market "Home for Christmas" at Kultuurikatel

Pick your Christmas presents from a range of local design products, listen to fine music, have a cup of coffee and meet old and new friends at Kultuurikatel's design market.

Organised by Estonian Design Centre and Müürileht.

▷ Featured at the market + surprises:

Prints by TM / graphic sheets
Dadamora / handmade children's clothes
Mare Kelpman / wool scarves, blankets, coats
Mokoko / leather accessories, wallets etc.
.SRAH / bowties / wool mittens, hats, scarves
Jane Oblikas / ceramic Christmas decorations, candlesticks, accessories
Helina Nelis / ceramic accessories
Pavel & Maria Sidorenko / funny accessories + varia
AKU / posters
Kahvliahvi Kokakool and AKU / edible alphabet poster
Monika Järg / textile accessories, pillows
Silvia Pärmann and Anna -Kai Tõrs / photos
Nuf-Nuf / dog furniture, accessories
Uitpuit / wooden accessories
Dotti / wool blankets
Multistab / posters, printed hats, shirts
Raili Keiv / ceramics
Stella Soomlais / leather bags, accessories
Kristiina Nurk / leather bags
Pille Jüriso / textile toys and pilows
Krõõt Kukkur / illustrated shirts, maps
Kalamaja Printsess / children’s clothes
Triin Valvas / illustrations, notebooks
Triin Maripuu / wood coasters
Okeiko / illustrated badges, t shirts, safety reflectors, bags, albums
Lill-Krõõt Repnau / graphic sheets
Merike Tamm / pillows, toys
Stuudio Nahk / leather, accessories
Kummi vööbik / bike tire belts
Kärt Põldmann / handicraft shoes
Õunaviks and Seksound / vinyls, CDs, graphic sheets
Annike Laigo / carpets

+ delicious coffee!


The event's English and Russian version is translated and published within the project "Developing a common Estonian media sphere in the web portal".

The project is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA).

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