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Erki Pärnoja: Efterglow

Erki Pärnoja, who has been awarded the Best Male Artist and the Best Alternative/Indie Album awards at the annual Estonian Music Awards, will give three concerts in March with his band.

In March, Erki Pärnoja: Efterglow goes to mini tour in Estonia, the concerts will be held on March 22 at the Viljandi Airplane Factory, on March 23 at Von Krahl in Tallinn, and on March 24 at the Athena Centre in Tartu. "So far, Estonian music lovers have been able to listen to Efterglow only in the context of different festivals. Now is the first opportunity to enjoy the full-length concert," says Erki. "The concert programme is made up of the material of both solo albums, and it is good to say that good friends and band members from the times of "Himmelbjerget", Filip Leyman and Ulrik Ording, will accompany the tour," tells Erki.

Efterglow, the "older brother" of Erki Pärnoja's debut album "Himmelbjerget", has found its voice both in Estonia and abroad. In 2018 Estonian Music Awards Pärnoja won two awards - the Best Male Artist and the Best Alternative/Indie Album. US legendary radio DJ Kevin Cole has repeatedly played Efterglow in his shows, and readers of the website voted Efterglow's album among the best of the year.

Erki Pärnoja - guitar
Jonas Kaarnamets - guitar
Filip Leyman (SWE) - synths
Peedu Kass - basskitarr, contrabass, synths
Ulrik Ording (DK) – drums