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Estonian Music Days and are looking for five music critics

In connection to the festival Estonian Music Days, held from 7-16 April, the blog of the website is looking for submissions from new writers.

The profession, job or academic background of the author is irrelevant - everyone who has the wish and courage to express their thoughts on various kinds of music is welcome to try their hand at being a music critic.

In the words of Madli-Liis Parts, the producer of the Estonian Music Days: “Estonian Music Days as the festival of contemporary classical music has always been open to everyone looking for different new musical experiences. At our festival, you can have a direct contact with both composers as well as musicians. Writing about concert impressions is one way of finding out more about music.”

The Culture critics’ blog was launched in the autumn of 2014 and by now, more than 300 opinion pieces in Estonian, English and Russian have been published.

The reviewers selected by and the Estonian Music Days will get a great motivational package: chance to visit the concerts they review with a friend, a press pass (provides access to the following concerts: 7.04., 9.-10.04, 13.04, 14.04, 16.04 Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir) and their reviews will also be shared in the social media of both and Estonian Music Days. Each selected writer is expected to submit one or two articles in Estonian or English. The participants are expected to be familiar with the respective music scene, have the ability to make comparisons and analyze different events in the context of contemporary society and cultural environment. All articles will be published in the blog. The best texts will be shared with other publications.

The call for candidates is open until 27 March 2016; please send your CV and a short description of your latest memorable musical experience to The names of finalists will be published on 30 March 2016.

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