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Exercises in Style

Theatrical performance, literary night, stand-up and band rehearsal – Eva Koldits, Toomas Täht, Jan Kaus and Indrek Koff in the production "Exercises in Style".

"Exercises in Style" places writers in the middle of the theatre and actors in the midst of literature. Eva Koldits (NO99), Toomas Täht, Jan Kaus and Indrek Koff will be on the stage. The result is, at the same time, modernly fragmentary and traditionally textual – it blends together a theatrical performance, literary evening, stand-up, band rehearsal and, of course, life itself.

The indirect cause of the production was the Estonian translation of the book "Exercises in Style", published in 2007 and written by the French writer Raymond Queneau. The book includes 99 versions of the incident in public transport in downtown Paris, showing convincingly how the same story can be told completely differently.

A couple of years ago, a local fan of "Exercises in Style" – writer Jan Kaus – began to think that 99 is not really a limit. Taking a story that took place in the capital of France after the World War II, Kaus began to write additional versions of it, some of which are complemented with the shades of Estonia at the beginning of the 21st century. Shortly after, he invited some of his friends to bring the new versions on the stage from the paper. So the collaboration of literary and theatre people was born: two actors (Eva Koldits and Toomas Täht) and two writers (Jan Kaus and Indrek Koff) present several own versions of one story, as well as some Queneau's original versions or some totally changed versions of Queneau's versions. "Exercises in Style" does not only show the endless reproduction ability of one story or the entire language, but it brings together the modes of expressions of theatre, literary night, stand-up, and band rehearsal. All thoughts and techniques are allowed.

Premiere on March 10, 2018, at 7 p.m.

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