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Exhibition "City and Forest"

Habitats created by Polish contemporary designers for animals, birds and insects living in the city.

Since September 16, 2017, the exhibition "City and Forest" is opened in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, where you can get acquainted with habitats for animals, birds and insects nesting in the city, created by contemporary Polish designers.

The exhibition will be opened with a workshop on Saturday, 16 September at 4 p.m., where visitors can take part in the creation of a mural landscape that links city and countryside and which is connected to the theme of the exhibition. It is created by using tape and stickers and it is based on the design of the graphic designer Malgorzata Gurowska, which is also used at the exhibition. The created image will be part of the exhibition, which will further increase with the help of the visitors. Expected are both big and small.

"City and Forest" is a series of exhibitions and workshops that promote environmental protection and friendliness. The next part of the project, which has been done in cooperation with the website will be presented at the Tallinn Design Night Festival in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design from 16 September to 19 November.

The exhibition brings together Polish new generation designers who represent skills ranging from product design to architecture and urban planning to find creative solutions for a better coexistence of nature and the urban environment.

The project "City and Forest" aims to address the birds, animals and insects who are living in the city. The involved designers are invited to create nest boxes for them to express their experience of and concern for changes in the environment.

Exhibited nest boxes are designed for different bird species, such as those living on the wall near the design studio, or for the neighboring hedges. The works represent a highly caring approach, using a natural defense system against harmful insects. They also express their interest in bats and insects. From all these examples, the desire and effort to reconcile the city life and the natural surroundings are perceived by the viewer.

The exhibition project covers both new and existing projects - for example, "Dziupla" ("Hollow"), which Menthol Architects has designed for passerins: "The topic of environmental protection is very important to us. We designed the first nesting tower for the common swifts in Poland, which brought our attention to the protection of them. The project was inspired by observations in a nearby park. We wanted to create something different from the typical nest boxes and draw attention to the decline in the number of birds in the city. "

The curator of the exhibition, Ewa Solarz, says: "There are more than seven billion people living in the world. The city blocks are growing, taking up more and more space and the natural environment of animals. People are increasingly occupying Earth's surface. Animals didn't come to us, but we took over their living areas. We can help wildlife living in the city with these nesting sites and with an appropriate communication. These are the objectives of the "City and Forest" project."

Attending designers: Agnieszka Bar; Anna Szuflicka; Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska, Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik, Krzysztof Benke, Tomasz Korzewski / Beza Project; Asia Piaścik / Dingflux; Marta Niemywska-Grynasz, Dawid Grynasz, Małgorzata Ćwiek / Grynasz Studio; Monika Brauntsch / Kafti; Ewa Bochen, Maciej Jelski / Kosmos Project; Agata Kulik-Pomorska, Paweł Pomorski / Malafor; Marcin Pogorzelski / Mapog; Liliana Krzycka, Rafał Pieszko / Menthol Architects.

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WILK Open Design Cluster
Ewa Solarz, curator
Monika Brauntsch, project manager
Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski, Kosmos Project, designers of the exhibition
Małgorzata Gurowska, graphical designer

Contact: Monika Brauntsch,, +48 501 431 787

The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design is opened from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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