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Exhibition "Life Experience"

Group exhibition "Life Experience" is open in Photo Museum.

Curator: Kaupo Kikkas
Authors: Andres Putting, Silvia Pärmann, Aivar Pihelgas, Jaan Künnap, Renee Altrov, Temuri Hvingija, Annika Metsla, Toomas Luhaäär, Stina Kase, Tõnu Noorits, Kaupo Kikkas, Kalju Suur, Harald Leppikson, Carl Sarap.

Kaupo Kikkas: "Life experience cannot be bought, lied into existence, or put on as a mask. Life experience itself is impossible to visually depict and only becomes visible through the human, into whom it has gathered drop by drop over the years.

Once a photographer commented on a man's portrait: "This face is like a roadmap of his life." The hastily uttered sentence has made me look at a lot of things differently over the years. Usually, life experience is expressed in spoken or written word, by default it is expected to contain a wisdom or teaching. However, I am enchanted by the depiction of life experience in picture, which makes it much more abstract. The obligatory words of wisdom, facts and context have disappeared and through this, it grows into something much bigger and endlessly translatable. Life experience becomes a unique code that transcends times and languages - a visual roadmap of a person's life.

When I started to put together this exhibition, the assignment for photographers was as simple as possible. It was like an etude on the given topic, express life experience through a man's portrait. It is exciting to see how we find similar traits in pictures, which could generically be called the characteristics of a stereotypical experienced man, put there by time. Beside these, the more personal and detailed elements are drawn, making all lives and portraits unique. The third key element is on the other side of the camera - be the topic given or not, the lens and the thought behind it are always directed somewhere. Why did the photographer choose this person and picture? Who might this person be? What does he do and what kind of life has he lived?

I invited as versatile photographers to participate in the exhibition as possible. Apart from the fact that their work is known to me, we are united by our respect towards photography and the people in front of the lens. Making portraits is always a responsibility and there are not many situations in which a person is as vulnerable as standing in front of the lens, waiting for the "shot". I chose as diverse personalities as possible, with different backgrounds and different ages, representing the most different fields of photography. In addition to contemporaries, I added the works of three legendary Estonian photographers, who are no longer with us, fantasising as to how they would have approached this subject."

Opening on March 9, 2017 at 17 o'clock.

The exhibition was supported by restaurant Al Bastione and Diesel Arts.

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