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Exhibition "Light. Water. Colour" of the Estonian Watercolour Society

Starting on January 31, 2017, the exhibition "Light. Water. Colour" of the Estonian Watercolour Society is open in Võru City Gallery.

Participating artists: Virve Albri, Kadri Bormeister, Marju Bormeister, Eve Ermann, Mariann Hakk, Elize Hiiop, Kärt Karjatse, Eleny Kasemets, Aleks Kase, Jaan Kirsch, Maria Kondimäe, Ülle Kuldkepp, Agne Kuusing-Soome, Pille Laub, Raina Lillepõld, Mall Mets, Rein Mägar, Naima Neidre, Illimar Paul, Inna-Maia Paiken, Tiiu Pallo-Vaik, Lii Pähkel, Saima Randjärv, Kerstin Rei, Toomas Rein, Mari Roosvalt, Merje Rääbis, Külli Tael, TAKINADA, Liisi Tani, Tiina Tammetalu, Tiina Tarve, Tuuliki Tolli, Žanna Toht, Anneliis Vabul, Eve Viidalepp, Epp Viires, Maria Tšerva, Tiiu Übi, Marje Üksine, Diana Yanson.

The organiser of the exhibition, Rein Mägar: "The exhibition "Light. Water. Colour" of the Estonian Watercolour Society in Võru City Gallery consists for the most part of the works submitted by the members of the Society for the exhibition "Through the Darkness with Colours. Vol 12" held in December 2016. In addition, there are works from the exhibition "New Watercolour 2016" by 13 authors - young and hopefully future members of the Society - held in Pärnu New Art Museum in November, therefore there are 41 participants in total.

The exposition is not compiled according to a specific theme, but conditionally it can be defined using the artists' prevalent preference for nature and motifs of the warmer seasons. Naturally, light is essential for the perception of these motifs, but for us, watercolour painters, another possibility of light is given in addition – a white sheet of paper. Sometimes the whole page may be covered in colour, but the light of the paper will still magically glow through the layer of paint. Mariann Hakk's watercolour "Bretagne 3" can be considered one of the best examples of this glow at this exhibition.

A great watercolour is known to be born by the skillful capturing of the game between the water and colour, and every author uses this game to a certain extent. Ülle Kuldkepp's watercolours of forest lakes are a characteristic example of this game. However, a watercolour maintains its vividness and can also be applied to the paper in gentle dry layers – "Mägine" ("Hilly") by Tiiu Pallo-Vaik or is connected to the collage technique – Mari Roosvalt's "Sakraalne" ("Sacral"). The game of water and colour is given quite another character if Indian ink is used instead of watercolour, the best example of this being the works of Eleny Kasemets.

The collective and democratic jury selected the best watercolour artist from among the authors brought to the Society's end-of-the-year exhibition and this time the title was earned by Toomas Rein (1940). The renowned architect Toomas Rein's real passion is watercolour painting and the fantasy-rich use of the abundant colour palette typical of him has created ever-lasting watercolour impressions. Toomas Rein's watercolours have received recognition in Estonia as well as at several international exhibitions.

As does the whole country, our Society pays a great deal of attention to the next generation. This is also the main reason why the current exhibition was open to the young artists with higher art education and sprouting interest for watercolour. And truth must be acknowledged – the exhibition has become richer, more versatile, and the audience has only won from that."

The exhibition opening takes place on January 31, 2017, at 16:00.

Võru City Gallery is open on workdays at 12:00-18.30 and during the events taking place in the cultural centre Võru Kannel.

The entrance is free of charge.