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Exhibition 'Our Friend Bicycle'

Bicycle celebrates its 200th anniversary this year, although on the Estonian roads and streets two-wheelers have been rolling only half of that time.

The exhibition 'Our Friend Bicycle' brings out both the moving and still images with two (or more) wheel bikes from the collections of the National Archive's film archive and tells the story of how the iron horses become an integral part of our daily life. The title 'Our Friend Bicycle' is borrowed from Hans Roosipuu's 1987 documentary with the same name, which can also be seen at the exhibition, thus becoming a little homage to a legendary sports film director and operator who unfortunately recently passed away.

The opening of the exhibition takes place on September 21, 2017, at 4 p.m.

All enthusiasts are welcome to take part in the bicycle tours on September 23rd and 30th, at 3 p.m. The tour will take you on a movie journey in Tallinn - we will be visiting movie locations in the center of the city and in northern Tallinn, and will end the journey in the movie archive with the session of a film "Jalgrattataltsutajad" (1963).

The gallery is open Tue-Fry at 11-18, Sat at 11-15.

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