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Film Roll Festival 2018

This year's Film Roll Festival is dedicated to road movies.

Cinema Sõprus and Tartu Elektriteater will organize a Film Roll Festival in Järva-Jaani on August 18, 2018, to pay homage to timeless cinema. This year, the focus will be on road movies.

The Film Roll Festival will take place at the Järva-Jaani Cinema Museum and at the Järva-Jaani Old Equipment Shelter, in the middle of old buses, trams, and trolls. The festival shows classic movies with a 35 mm film projector. Dozens of kilometers of rare filmstrips roll through the old projectors.

This year's festival is already the third in the queue. "It's a very beautiful tradition that has come to life from the quite random idea, and the audience has warmly welcomed this rather dreamy summer festival," said one of the festival's organizers, Kristel Lipand.

"We have been organizing the festival mostly with the help of volunteers, the love of cinema, and experimenting boldly. It's been quite a journey and we are trying to surprise the audience with new solutions also this year," said Lipand. This time, the audience can enjoy night screenings at the car park on the meadow. This way, road movies can be seen sitting behind the wheel, while the sound comes from the car radio.

During the festival day, the Estonian movie classic "Nipernaadi" (1983), "Worthless" (1982) by the Kaurismäki brothers and the iconic road movie "Easy Rider" (1969) can be seen. The nightly drive-in cinema presents Jim Jarmusch's mysterious feature film "Dead Man" (1995) and the post-apocalyptic action movie "Mad Max 2" (1981). During the day, animations and short films selected by the National Archives will be screened at the movie tent.

In addition to the cinema, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. Children have the opportunity to take part in animation workshops and quizzes, play board games and treasure hunt in the middle of old vehicles.

A good mood is created by delicious food and drinks. The night comes with the popup club VÄLK DJs. You can also compete in the table tennis tournament, take part in the Järva-Jaani bus tour and enjoy the heat in a sauna located in a unique firefighting bus.

Those who come from Tallinn and Tartu can use the festival buses, which return to Tallinn or Tartu late at night. Festival tickets are available at the portal and Cinema Sõprus. By the end of May, the fastest can get the festival tickets for only 10 euros.

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