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Germany: 3rd Estonian Film Days in Munich

From 12-15 March 2015, the film days in Munich will present recent Estonian documentary and feature films.

Directors Ilmar Raag (Kertu) and Hardi Volmer (Living Images) and documentary filmmaker (Velosoofid) will come to introduce their work and meet the audiences in Bavaria.

The talk at the formal opening night on 12 March will be headed by the Estonian cultural attaché in Berlin Harry Liivrand, Ilmar Raag from Estonia and Matthias Makowski from the Goethe Institute of Greece. In addition to the films by Estonian authors like Katrin Maimik’s and Andres Maimik’s Cherry Tobacco, Martti Helde’s In the Crosswind, Liis Nimik’s One More Song and others, screened over four days, the documentary film To Breathe As One by James Tusty and Maureen Tusty will also be shown to help other nations understand why the song festival tradition is a marker of national self-awareness for Estonians and why there are political threads woven into the fabric of the song festivals. Jaan Toomik, who introduced himself as a video artist to Munich residents in the autumn of 2014 at the Munich gallery 84GHz, will make his debut as a film director with his existential drama Landscape with Several Moons. On the Family Day, Katrin Laur’s Ruudi will cater to children.

The first Estonian Film Days in Munich took place in 2011. The Tallinn as the European Capital of Culture of that year gave the impetus to the idea to introduce Estonian history and culture through films in Bavaria. The second film days were held in 2013 and were dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Estonian film. The leading motif of the 2015 film days is ‘The Singing People of Estonia’.

The organising team of the Estonian Film Days includes: Karin Ladva-Zoller and Karin Kitsing from the board of the Munich Estonian National Team, Margit Urbel from the Munich European School and Sabine Hahn, project manager at the Munich Cultural Centre Gasteig. The partners of the events are the cultural projects team of the Munich City Library, the Estonian Embassy in Berlin and the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

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