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The production is based on the novel "Ice" of Vladimir Sorokin, one of the most famous contemporary writers in Russia, and is born in collaboration of Von Krahl Theatre and Klockriketeatern.

The mysterious meteorite falls in the middle of the deep Siberian taiga in 1908. Inside it is a special ice that peels the hearts open. It spreads from human to human and brings together a secret brotherhood from all over Russia. Melting ice opens the utopia, which changes the whole meaning of the 20th century that is very different from the traditional canon.

The production is in Estonian, Finnish, English and Swedish, but knowing these languages is not necessary.

Author Vladimir Sorokin, director Essi Räisänen, artist, lighting and video designer Milla Martikainen, dramaturgist Iida Hämeen-Anttila, costume designer Reet Aus, sound artist Pauli Riikonen, video consultant Mikk-Mait Kivi.

On the stage Mari Abel, Carl Alm, Riina Maidre, Henrik Kalmet, Mirtel Pohla and Matti Raita.

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