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In Graafika & Fideofest 2013

This year's In Graafika takes over the streets! The motto is 'live print', e.g. live printing art. In addition to the traditional opening race for the 20 exhibitions there will be a massive invasion of the city space.

Printing presses, nets, spatulas, rolls and paints take over the streets of Pärnu. The artists are the missionaries on this crusade.

The main attraction this time is Saint Louise Tom Huck & Evil Prints (Pärnu Artists’ House), whose spectacular woodcuts have been disgusting people ever since 1995. He lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri where he runs his own press, Evil Prints. He is a regular contributor to BLAB! of Fantagraphics Books. His work draws heavily upon the influence of Albrecht Dürer, José Guadalupe Posada, R. Crumb, and Honoré Daumier.

Gaetan Larant from France and Eric Piper from Oklahoma have been residing at Academia Non Grata for months now, preparing their works for the festival. These guys work 24/7, but there’s no trace of sweat. The Larant-Piper duo is constructing an interactive graphic art altar in the Artists’ House yard.

The garage displays a joint exhibition by Pavel Grebenjuk and Kristel Laurits.

Latvia is represented by the young, but merited Paulis Liepa, who is preparing for a never-before-seen graphic art performance, where the works will appear on walls by the power of light.

Once again, In Graafika brings Estonian Art Academy to Pärnu and Academia Non Grata. Ryan O’Malley, son of a Laramie sheriff and head of graphic art department at the University of Texas will tutor young artists all through the week - the result is a giant stencil graffiti work in the city space and centre of Pärnu.
Curtis Jones, professor of graphic art in Norman University, has a hand as precise as a laser cutter. Laura Reese will exhibit the “Slice of American Pie - Survey of American Printmaking” featuring the best of student graphic art in North America.

The author of this year’s In Graafika poster, Marko Kekishev - celebrating his 50th birthday - brings to Pärnu this year’s highlight at the Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival HGDF - the exhibition “Robot”, free art by Estonian and Slavic graphic designers, which is exhibited in the format of a 2 x 1 poster.

Estonian art living classics at Pärnu Museum - Raul Meel, Tõnis Laanemaa, Leonhard Lapin & Jaan Klõsheiko.

Estonian youth exhibitions feature works by Pavel Grebenjuk, Kristel Laurits, Taavi Villak, Anna Kaisa Vita, Johan Helm, Mihkel Oksmann, Gudrun Heamägi and Roonald Reiska.

There are several exhibitions by the Finnish: Janika Herlev’s “Arsenal” from Vaasa Platform and Finnish graphic art classics curated by Juhani Järvinen at TU College as well as Albatross Group at Endla Theatre. Albatross Editions aka Lauri Koppel and grand old man Harri Leppänen have been working the heavy experimental offset printing press in the ruins of the former Luther Veneer Factory in Tallinn for several years now, creating wonderful art.
Also featuring Pekka Litmanen, Veera Nykanen, Kristjan Krugfors, Tapani Mikkonen and Jarmo Mäkila.


Jul 5
5 pm. Pärnu Centre Martens Square
Opening of Pärnu Fideofest & Kinobox Obscura
Appearing Risto Puurunen alias CW01 & Steve Vanoni & Juho Posiloe & Jojo 200

Jul 6
Festival opening race
12 pm. Pärnu Museum
12.30 pm. Pärnu Centre 3rd floor
6 exhibitions
Port Artur 2 3rd floor
1.30 pm. Endla Theatre Cafe
1.45 pm. Endla Theatre corridor gallery
1.50 pm. Endla Theatre Palm Hall
2.30 pm. Central Library exhibition space
2.40 pm. Central Library corridor gallery
3.30 pm. TU Pärnu College corridor gallery
3.45 pm. TU Pärnu College library
4.30 pm. Urban objects
5.30 pm. Pärnu Artists’ House main hall
5.40 pm. Pärnu Artists’ House corridor gallery
5.45 pm. Pärnu Artists’ House small hall
6 pm. Pärnu Artists’ House yard and garage

Jul 7
Big live printing day, streets of Pärnu city
2 pm. Start

Jul 3-8
Ryan O’Malley stencil workshop for EKA students at Academia Non Grata

Fideofest screenings
Pärnu Museum 3rd floor
Jul 6, 12 pm - 7 pm
Jul 7, 12 pm - 7 pm
Jul 9, 5 am - 6.30 pm
Jul 10, 5 am - 6.30 pm

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