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Madingma: Stefan and Diederik Timmermans (Belgium)

Madingma is a duo of two Flemish brothers - Stefan and Diederik Timmermans. Timmermans are on a continuous journey through the European folk scene, playing with the equal amount of passion on the grand stages and at the living rooms and simple pubs.

During the last 25 years, the brothers have given a lot to the folk scene in Estonia. Because of that, they are respected musicians both among the folk audience and folk musicians. In 2017, the brothers performed in Viljandi with their ex-bandmember Peter van Accom (violin).

Estonian young musicians met Stefan the first time in 1991 in the Ethno-camp of Falun, Sweden. In 1996-2006 Stefan played in an internationally well-known folk group Fluxus. Together with his younger brother Diederik (a diatonic accordion player), they formed a duo called Madingma, a band that also played on Viljandi Folk Music Festival in 2009. In 2010 Estonians could enjoy a tour of both Stefan and Jaak Johanson, that was organized by Eesti Kontsert (Estonian Concert Foundation). In Belgium, Stefan has been an acclaimed musician, bagpipe teacher, festival organizer and author of numerous radio shows. He currently lives in Spain, Valencia.

Diederik Timmermans (1978) is an exceptionally talented autodidact of a diatonic accordion inspired by Bruno Letron and Didier Laloy. Together with Birgit Bornauw and Pieter Lenaert he formed the promising band Netel. In Belgium, they were selected for a cultural exchange project in Ireland and Calabria (Italy). Diederik also participated in various Ethno folk music camps and gave several courses on diatonic accordion and Belgian folk music.