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Nativity Words

Nargenfestival and Von Krahl Theatre present: premiere of a musical incantation NATIVITY WORDS.

Musical Director: TÕNU KALJUSTE
Music author: VELJO TORMIS
Arrangements: TÕNU KÕRVITS
Textile artist: KÄRT OJAVEE
Video artists: EMER VÄRK ja MIKK-MAIT KIVI
Technical solutions: ENAR TARMO

Production: Von Krahl Theatre and Nargenfestival in cooperation with Estonian Concert and Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
On the stage: Estonian National Male Choir, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Reigo Ahven and Viljandi Drumlab, rune singer Ilona Korhonen (Finland) ja Von Krahl Theatre actors.

Premiere 7th of August 2015 Noblessner Foundry / Noblessneri Valukoda (Tööstuse 48, Tallinn).

Performances 8th , 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th of August at 19.00

Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste and director Peeter Jalakas continue the cycle of grand pieces based on the music of Veljo Tormis with the joint musical production of 'Nativity Words' by Von Krahl Theatre, Nargen Opera and Nargenfestival.
'Nativity Words' has been created as the beginning of the mythical time cycle which at the same time marks its closing with the memorable for the audience and Estonian culture history 'Estonian Ballads' (2004), 'Estonian Women's Songs'(2006) and 'Estonian Men's Songs'(2008) as the background.
'Nativity Words' blends archaic mind patterns with technologically digital treatment of the world, synthesizes mythology and futurism and reconciles sacral perception with the spirit of idealizing the contemporary world's novelty.
The production retains the rustic content but dresses Veljo Tormis up in digital creased trousers and places him in the yet uninvented vessel.
The performance rows through such works of Veljo Tormis as 'Creation of the World' from Izhorian epic, cantata 'Nativity Words', 'Kalevala's 17th rune song', 'Said Lembitu', Etude with Juhan Viiding. 'They Sing on the Ship'
The production is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Veljo Tormis.

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