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Night of Museums 2017

During this Saturday evening in May the museums and other memory institutions in Tartu open their doors at a later time and free of charge to celebrate the all-European Night of Museums (Muuseumiöö).

The 2017 Night of Museums takes place on Saturday, May 20. This evening’s programme is diverse and exciting. There is a lot to discover in the city which has the highest number of museums in Estonia.

The first motto of the Night of Museums was "Things in the Night", in 2010 "Stories in the Night", in 2011 "Treasures in the Night", in 2012 "Cinema in the Night", in 2013 "People in the Night", in 2014 "Stars in the Night", in 2015 "Music in the Night", and in 2016 "Waves in the Night".

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The Night of Museums is organised by Estonian museums, the Estonian Museum Association and ICOM Eesti.

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