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Night of Museums in Estonian National Museum

The Night of Museums in Estonian National Museum starts with a conference for the guests of ENM, where we introduce the story of the permanent exhibition and unveil the soon-to-be-opened national costume exhibition.

Additionally, we will talk about the educational programmes and lots else interesting.


Conference for the guests

16.00-16.30 Opening of the conference and overview of what has been achieved (Tõnis Lukas)
16.30-16.35 Intermediary clip (Rein Pakk)
16.35-17.00 How the Estonian permanent exhibition was born and how it is doing? (Kristel Rattus)
17.00-17.05 2 animated films on the Finno-Ugric topics
17.05-17.25 About the Finno-Ugric permanent exhibition (Piret Koosa)
17.25-17.30 Intermediary clip (Rein Pakk)
17.30-17.45 About the exhibition of national costumes (Reet Piiri)
17.45-17.50 Intermediary clip (Rein Pakk)
17.50-18.05 Educational workshops (Kaari Siemer)
18.05-18.10 advertisements of Estonian National Museum
18.10-... Questions and answers

Tours and musical performances take place at 19.00–23.00 on the Night of Museums.

There is a guide in every part of the exhibition introducing the specific field to the guest.

Entrance to the exhibitions is free of charge.

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