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Open Depository of Porcelain and Faience

Most of the items belonging to the collection of ceramics and porcelain of Tallinn City Museum is now on display in the mediaeval cellar of the museum.

About two thousand porcelain and ceramic objects make up the respective collection of the Tallinn City Museum that, in addition, contains about the same number of stove- and over six hundred wall tiles. The biggest part of it has been made up of tableware used in Tallinn homes throughout times. The crown of the collection is tableware made in Tallinn at Carl Christian Fick’s Faience Manufactory in the 18th century and the 18th and 19th –century Delft ceramics and faience from the Netherlands and other European countries.

The display of the Open Depository is based on the countries the items come from, focusing on china and faience objects made or decorated in Estonia. It contains products of Russian, Nordic, Western and Central European Countries’ bigger manufactories and factories and, as a small additional collection, also items from China and Japan.

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