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Presentation tour of Mari Kalkun's album "Ilmamõtsan"

Mari Kalkun has won the hearts of the listeners with her creation that is close to nature and her sincere performances.

The third solo album "Ilmamõtsan" by the musician and singer from Võrumaa is an intimate and warm-sounding album that offers a peaceful journey and a delight in discovering to the lovers of contemporary traditional music. In her fresh pieces, the musician experiments with different kannels, bringing this archaic instrument to the 21st century with a playful lightness. "Ilmamõtsan" cleverly combines global and local sounds, and reflects the novel soul landscapes born from the synergy of the contradictions of these two. It's the musician's answer to the world racing at full speed.

The themes that pass through Mari's creations are commonplace - her music is like a haven from where she derives peace and confidence, while also providing the others with the same. The musician is addressed by nature and the tradition associated with a life circle of human being. The songs of the new album are in Estonian, Võro and Setu, the author is the singer herself, and the Finno-Ugric dimension is added by the forest Nenets poet Juri Vella.

Mari Kalkun's journey in music began with the album "Üü tulõk" (2007), which received a warm welcome in her home country and was also noted abroad. She has released four albums, published both in Europe and Japan. She has introduced her music in many European countries, but also in Asia. The album "Tii ilo" recorded with Mari Kalkun's international ensemble Runorun was nominated for the 2015 Ethnomusic Album title at both Estonian and Finnish Music Awards.

Band members:
Mari Kalkun – vocal, 12-string kannel, home kannel, accordion, bells
Aleksandra Kremenetski – pervussions, vibraphone

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