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Street Festival Augustiunetus

Augustiunetus (August Insomnia) is a phenomenon never seen before. Initiated by a bunch of enthusiasts from Pärnu who all believe that summer nights cannot be wasted on sleeping.

In nine years, Augustiunetus has become the second largest and one of the most popular festivals in Pärnu. For one night and one night only, the streets of the old town become alive and are fulfilled with never before seen art, music and dance created on the spot. In order to experience this special something, you need to be here yourself.

The programme consists of different timely performances, workshops and lectures, but something will definitely happen spontaneously, whether you like it or not, right here and right now. So be ready to just walk into something you did not expect. In addition to this, there will be cafés and art and craft salesmen all around the festival to treat your needs and lust for spending.

Wear your best smile. We will be waiting for you.


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