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Tartu dance club: talharpas

Folk musicians from all around Estonia who love to make music together and play for dancing on talharpas once again meet in Tartu dance club.

The musicians who participate in the activity of the talharpa orchestra and will play for dancing include: Cathy Sommer, Emma Marta Berzin, Johannes Ahun, Helle Suurlaht, Liisa Koemets, Maali Käbin, and Sänni Noormets.

The repertoire of the talharpa orchestra consists of the old dance tracks from Vormsi island, well-known folk dances from other regions of Estonia, world music songs, and arrangements of traditional new works for the orchestra. At the 2015 talharpa summer days on Vormsi island, the first big discussion on founding the orchestra and rehearsal took place. The talharpa orchestra gave its debut performance at the Harvest Party of Viljandi Traditional Music Centre in 2015. Today, the active talharpa players have formed an almost 20-member orchestra. The greatest peculiarity of the talharpa orchestra is probably the resonating overtone, which is created by the playing of a large group and reminds the listener of magical choral song, which accompanies the pieces. The whisper of many bows, however, adds a quaint sound of bees humming to the melodies.

On January 29-31, 2016, the first bigger meeting to make music together took place at the talharpa winter days in Viljandi. A video recorded of the two lasts songs played together at the concert "Talharpa's Winter Party" is available here:

More can be read about talharpas in Krista Sildoja's article in the magazine Muusika Issue No 5/2003:

All folk music friends are welcome to have a good time in Tartu Dance Club. At the fourth hour of the dance club and after midnight, the stage of the dance club is open to other folk musicians present, who play the conventional and familiar dance tracks from Estonia as well as abroad.

It is well worth while to bring good friends, a change of shoes, and why not something to the tea table.

Tartu dance club is supported by the Foundation Cultural Endowment of Tartu, Tartu expert group and the folk culture endowment of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Additional information: +372 5560 2102,

Photo: Cathy Sommer and Johannes Ahun making music in Tartu dance club at the theme evening "Talharpas" on April 6, 2016. Photo by: Tanel Sakrits