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The 10th birthday of Estonian Traditional Music Centre: Zetod

The keywords of this very special event are jubilee, jubilee and jubilee! The evening starts with a concert-production dedicated to the 50th birthday of Anzori Barkalaja, a well-known folklorist and great teacher.

Several prominent musicians and friends will come celebrate this important event. The Traditional Music Centre will also celebrate the anniversary, giving the audience a truly powerful show on its 10th birthday. Producers who have worked or are working at the Traditional Music Centre - Jonas Vabarna, Jaan Jaago, Toomas Oks, Janne Suits and Merike Paberits - will perform in unexpected roles on the special production. The evening will also end with a jubilee. The Seto folk rock band Zetod is celebrating its 15th year of band making and presents their new, fifth music album. It will be a long and crazy jubilee night.

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