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Viljandi Art Festival "QQ"

QQ / Viljandi Art Festival will be held for the first time and its goal is to create an international activity platform and meeting place bridging and involving different fields of art.

Within one month, from August 18 until September 17, a small town - Viljandi - becomes a canvas and exhibition site for international artists - cultural events and interactive activities take place every day: joint youth art performances, street art sessions, sound performances, installations in an urban space, art circus, light installation and light sculptures, environmental art, café exhibitions, open-house art exhibitions and gallery exhibitions; and also: outdoor cinema, poetry slam, dance performances, concerts, guided walks in town.

Viljandi offers a unique small-town atmosphere for foreign visitors and organisers believe it to be an ideal place for international cultural cooperation, synergy between artists and new innovative perspectives to emerge. The participation of foreign artists brings novelty and excitement, unexpected angles and development potentials into the perception of the small-town milieu.


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